Paleo Plus - Totally Chicken (500g)

Paleo Plus Totally Chicken raw dog food is perfect for dogs who love chicken. Made using only high-quality British chicken ground into a chunky mince and mixed with our Berry Good superfoods supplement for an added nutritional boost.

Paleo Plus Totally Chicken is an easy-to-digest, low-fat, single-protein, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet suitable for adult and senior dogs. Totally Chicken is grain-free, so dogs with allergies and sensitive tummies can happily enjoy mealtimes.

Order today to see the benefits of feeding your dog a raw chicken diet.

A Natural and Balanced Diet for Your Dog

Paleo Plus Totally Chicken has lots of benefits for your dog. It’s made using an all-natural recipe with zero preservatives and preservatives. The lack of chemicals in our high-welfare chicken makes them far better for your dog's health as it removes the risk of a build-up in your pet.

The chemical-free chicken carcasses are larger than average so your dog will get the benefit of the extra meaty cuts, meaning far more protein in their diet.

As a complete single-protein product, Totally Chicken is formulated using only chicken and so is perfect for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs.

Added to this meaty mix is a wonderful range of chicken organs, including:

The organ content gives your dog vital nutrients needed to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Our Totally Chicken raw dog food also contains 5% of our Berry Good superfood mix giving it an extra boost of nutrition.

This minced recipe is complete to FEDIAF standards with the addition of a range of superfoods including:

Hemp Seed Powder
Green Lipped Mussel