Paleo Plus - Totally Duck (500g)

Paleo Plus Totally Duck is a single-protein, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) with the addition of our Berry Good mix of superfoods which provides additional nutritional benefits.

Being a 100% natural dog food, this product is great for dogs with allergies or sensitive tummies. Totally Duck raw food is suitable for dogs of all ages including puppies and senior dogs. It is also great for fussy dogs who are sure to clean their bowl every time.

Order Paleo Plus Totally Duck today and see how it helps your dog thrive.

A Raw Dog Food For a Natural and Balanced Diet

Keep your dog happy and healthy by feeding them our Paleo Plus Totally Duck Raw Dog Food. We only use premium quality meat and offal that is suitable for human consumption.

This minced raw duck dog food recipe is complete to FEDIAF standards with the addition of a range of superfoods including:

Hemp Seed Powder
Green Lipped Mussel